Game Designer, Coder, Storyteller, and Slave to the MFA Thesis Life


A marriage between the technical and the creative; a developer who can approach design from all angles.

Cdragon, my personal mascot, exists as a large tattoo on my left shoulder.

Cdragon, my personal mascot, exists as a large tattoo on my left shoulder.


About Lou "Cdra" Carroll

Like many young people from my generation, I have always loved video games. For me, this was due to the powerful emotional resonance of a story which I had my own hand in driving and creating, as well as due to the pure joy of analyzing and optimizing my way through a game's rules system and world.

I pursued my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis, though this was not the first hat I attempted to wear in my search of a discipline which fulfilled my love of systems and problem-solving. Through this I discovered my love for video game development and begun to pursue it as a hobby and potential career, eventually going on to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in Interactive Design and Game Development from the Savannah College of Art and Design in order to further my knowledge of the production and creative aspects of game development, which I am still pursuing at this time.

My goal is to become a developer and designer who is capable in many of the myriad disciplines required to create video games. I wish to embrace the position I find myself in, as someone who is "too creative" for engineering school yet "too technical" for art school, in order to bridge the gap between these schools of thought and synthesize more powerful designs for it.

I think that video games, through their interactivity, can create some of the most powerful emotional experiences of any medium to date, and if one day I can touch someone the way that my favorite games have touched me, then I'll be able to rest easy.





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