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Thesis Blog

Warning: not all blogging is directly related to thesis, although most of it is.

About time to start blogging!

I’ve been off my game on this thesis thing for a bit (a bit? try a YEAR, Cdra!), and it’s time I get back on it—starting with blogging all the thoughts knocking around in my head, to make them concrete and help me organize them. There’s a lot I need to get to, but I’ll start things off with some notes about what those things are, so I can try to get all the basics covered in the next week or so.

(I’m adding links to the posts as I write them, to help myself track my progress.)

Whew, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg on what’s on my mind. No wonder I need to get cracking on digesting all of this into a meaningful form.

The good thing about blogging it, though, is that I don’t have to try to make it look nice and smooth… I can just think out loud, without worrying about rubrics or how to piece it into a design document. That can wait. Let’s get this stuff out stream-of-conscious style first, then we’ll clean it all up into something pretty and presentable. It doesn’t even have to be in order, what a concept! All these kinds of things cause mental blocks when your brain is full of garbage, as mine is.

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