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GDC Blogging: Night 1

Arriving in San Fransisco, I feel I’ve passed through a liminal space, and come out different than I was before. Somehow, I’ve shed all the concerns that’ve been weighing down on me this part year, only to step straight into a setting where I’ll have to face those fears head-on once more. My shortcomings become readily apparent as I have to discuss my progress (ie: utter lack thereof) with peers and friends—yet, I feel strangely free.

It’s an interesting feeling. I’ve been gathering my courage with previous blog posts, beginning to chew through the walls of mental garbage that prevent me from working, yet progress has been slow. Here, I feel that despite being more active and busy than I’ve been in quite some time, I’ll also be writing more often, both in personal posts, and in more thoughtful, academic, or design-oriented ones. Contact with the right people yields lots of ideas, fresh takes on the stagnant thoughts in my brain.

It’s late now, but tomorrow, while I’ve got time to kill and before the conference begins in earnest, I’ll gather some thoughts about my design and narrative. I’ll push through this yet; there’s no time like the present to improve.

(As notes to myself: namely, you need to talk about the long-term picture, and the horizontal slice you’re trying to create, because that Bare Naked Ladies song keeps getting stuck in your head and this is why. Also, you need to make a few decisions about your narrative, like how abstract/metaphorical to take it, although you might get some good advice from people here about that. Also also, you need to break down some of the more detailed elements about your “resources”, how they interact and how they’re separate, and how you can affect them with actions in-game, because you’ve talked to yourself about that in the car but haven’t written it down, you clown.)

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