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Halt Tanner

Halt Tanner

Character Profile

Name: Halt Tanner [halt t&n3]
Gender: Female-presenting; full gender identity is left to user interpretation.
Age: 26
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight: 150 lb (68 kg)
Birthday: June 24, 2011 (day recording began)
Release Date: November 20, 2011

Voice Data

Range: A2~F5 (varies with voicebank used)
Voice Source: Cdra
Voice Type: Contralto. A full-bodied, mature, mellow vocal.
Optimal Sampling Engine: Moresampler. If moresampler cannot be used, EFB-GT and the default resampler are recommended. However, Halt will generally respond well to most sampling engines, so feel free to experiment.

Showcase art credit: SteelEmissary

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Extended Character Profile (WIP) (Note: This information is entirely optional and may be referenced, utilized, expanded upon, or discarded at the whim of the user.)

Usage Clause

  • Please contact the author if you are interested in using this voicebank for commercial projects. See the contact page for how to do so.
  • Do not use this voicebank to portray real-life persons in an offensive light, or to portray any persons in a hateful manner. Please do not use this voicebank for political content.
  • The art that goes along with this voicebank (or was otherwise created by the author) may not be used without permission. 
    • The exception to this is for cover art of songs made using this voicebank, for which you have permission to use the author's art. 
    • There are no restrictions on fanworks, whether they be stories, song-stories, art, etc. so long as the character design and/or voicebank are properly credited.
  • No derivative characters, pitching, or edits of this voicebank/character are allowed.
    • Editing the raw wav samples is forbidden except for noise removal purposes; however, editing files rendered through the UTAU program (or similar midi-based sample rendering program) is fine.
  • Do not redistribute this voicebank publicly or claim it as your own.
    • Private distribution between users is allowed if the distributor does not claim ownership of the voicebank.
  • 18+ (adult) material of any form IS acceptable with this voicebank and/or character design.
  • The voicebank author does not take responsibility for any illegal or illicit content made with this voicebank.

Voicebank Distribution

English VCCV 3.b [ Closed Beta ]
→VCCV English encoded with Cz phonetics.
→Three tonal sets currently recorded (A3/C4/E4), final number not decided.
→Beta download requestable despite the lack of complete configurations and recordings.

Japanese "CV" 4.b [ Closed Beta ]
→Full Japanese CVVC with ultra-lite VCV; can be used as CV. Romaji-encoded with kana-only aliases at present.
→Five base tonal sets (F3/A3/C4/E4/A4), three soft tonal sets (F3/A3/C4), and Falsetto currently recorded. Final number not decided.
→Beta download requestable despite the lack of complete configurations and recordings.

Japanese VCV 3.0 - Last updated 2/22/2016.
→Romaji-encoded "standalone" VCV with hiragana-only aliases.
→Five "natural" tonal sets (F3/A#3/D4/F4/A4, integrated in the + four extension sets (Soft F3/C4, Falsetto C5, Belting A4).
→Final full recording: another complete Japanese VCV bank will not be made.

Japanese "CV" 3.1 - Last updated 2/22/2016.
→Romaji-encoded with hiragana and romaji aliases for CV and CV VC. It also has aliasing for a small amount of VCV, including continuous vowels.
→Seven natural tone sets (E3/G3/A#3/C#4/E4/G4/A#4, integrated in the, 2 edge-of-range natural sets (C#3 gravel, C#5 falsetto), and 4 expansion sets (2 soft [F3/C4], 2 strong [Belt/Yell]). The extensions are integrable using suffixes.

English CV VC 2.1 - Last updated 2/22/2016.
→Two tonal sets (F3/C4, with configured and is aliased/encoded using Cz's FULL CVVC English style.
→As an added bonus to the 2.1 version, it also has an additional FULL tonal set (G4), an additional LITE tonal set (Growl/Soft), and an additional set of stationary vowels (Soft). HOWEVER, THESE SETS DO NOT HAVE COMPLETE OTO.INI CONFIGURATIONS. Use and configure at your own risk.

APPEND:SOLEDI 1.0 (April Fool's 2013)
Japanese VCV 2.1
Japanese "CV" 2.0
English CV VC 1.0
Japanese VCV 1.0
English CV VC LITE